24/7 Support

24/7 Support

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Universal Data's 24/7 Support is ideal for Small to Medium Enterprises (10-1000 users) looking for a service partner with a proactive and economical approach to the ongoing operation, performance and management of an organisation's IT infrastructure and its users.

Universal Data’s approach to support is what sets our business apart from other service providers. We consider our engagements with our clients as a partnership, not a job or a contract. And as such, it is in our best interest to ensure that your IT infrastructure is operating optimally; particularly if we are responsible for providing support and maintenance.

Our entire support methodology is based around communication, prevention, education, and delivery.


24/7 Support

Regular, thorough and transparent communication between stakeholders, business managers, staff and even end users of the organisation is the basis for our end-to-end support delivery. This component is paramount to any real ongoing partnering success. And this is also where Universal Data’s approach and execution is unmatched.

A clear understanding of your business, operations, services and people are critical to evaluating and supporting, in an economically feasible manner, your organisation’s IT infrastructure.

Without this component there is no real bond between either party and without this, organisational goals that rely on a technology platform will almost certainly go unrealised.


24/7 Support

Ensuring that the correct systems and resources are in place to perform and meet the operational requirements of your business is essential. Right tools for the right job!

This covers both physical and intangible resources such as the deployment of the correct hardware, industry best practices for maintenance and security policies, and ultimately, organisational awareness of future requirements and mission critical activities.

By investing heavily in preventative measures, we provide organisations with a baseline of preparedness in the event something does go wrong, and therefore reducing possible downtime and associated support costs.


24/7 Support

Understanding the importance that IT decisions can and will have on your business is a vitally important component to us. By communicating issues and planning requirements at a business level to the board or senior management, many risky obstacles can be avoided. This is the same for line level users. Understanding basics and standardised tasks even as simple as how to contact support can have widespread impacts on the effectiveness and responsiveness of the IT support team. All of these aspects culminate in a better-informed and more productive work team.


24/7 Support

The final component! Delivering efficient, reliable and cost effective support is the ultimate outcome. This component is built upon the 3 other components and the use of state-of-the-art monitoring and support tools. Also imperative is the trust by the user in a support team that is responsive, one that supports communications, provides education that both empowers them and ultimately… solves problems and keeps systems performing at their optimum.

So why do we go into so much detail with this area of service? Because it’s the one service offering that you will depend upon to reduce IT related problems and the one that you will count on most when a crisis does occur. The more that you can understand about how we approach support and crisis management, the better you can understand our partnering philosophy.

Our goal is to create a long term relationship with each and every client, not a short term engagement. And the truth is, what will ultimately make or break this partnership is our commitment to you.

Some of our core support services include:

  • Network and data communications maintenance and monitoring
  • Server maintenance, patching and monitoring
  • End-user device maintenance, patching and monitoring
  • Level 1 helpdesk services that can incorporate your existing IT support team
  • Level 2 and 3 helpdesk services that incorporates Universal Data remote support services
  • Critical and urgent alarm monitoring and support
  • Disaster recovery planning and execution
  • Full infrastructure reporting and future planning and provisions
  • Mission critical back-up and replication support services
  • Complete management and configuration of Windows servers and desktop platforms
  • Third party vendor application and licence management support