Managed Servers

Managed Servers

Ideal For

Universal Data's Managed Server Platform is ideal for Small to Medium Enterprises (10-1000 users) with 2 or more servers that are looking for enterprise grade operational servers located in optimal environments with maximum resource availability, and ultimate disaster recovery protection. Ideal for organisations looking to reduce capital expenditure and technological obsolescence.

Managed Servers

If you are looking for total peace of mind when it comes to your IT infrastructure, then our managed server platform is definitely the best starting point. Business servers are the work engine of most corporate operations and without them, business grinds to a halt.

Universal Data provides a range of high-end, enterprise grade server management solutions that allow you to harness the latest in hardware technology, reduce your daily operational and disaster recovery risk, and exchange it for:

  • A reliable and fully maintained server platform
  • Fully managed server licensing based on monthly usages
  • Servers operated and hosted in enterprise grade data centres designed for maximum security and uptime
  • Connection to major network and data feeds ensuring maximum accessibility for both staff and external users, if necessary
  • Leveraging of enterprise grade security measures and hardware barriers
  • Reduction in capital outlays and technological obsolescence
  • Enterprise grade back-up solutions
  • Zero downtime server replication availability
  • Reduction in base level server maintenance

All of these benefits culminate in total peace of mind for you and your business! A fully managed and maintained server platform removes the responsibility and risk of operating your own server hardware and provides your business with the very best in service delivery and reliability.

Some of our core Server Management Services includes:

  • Managed Windows & Linux server platforms
  • Server migration services
  • High availability backup solutions (down to file level restore)
  • Full server replication services