Our Difference

We simply see IT differently, and for the right reasons.

IT Solutions should simplify, not complicate; be easy to understand with minimal techno-babble; increase productivity and reduce costs; safeguard data and ensure future operations if disaster or the bad guys strike. No secret they’re out there trying harder than ever, and smaller businesses are the easiest targets. Too often unprotected, with everything at stake they’re at the greatest risk.

To meet ever-evolving threats we answer with a fresh perspective on Managed IT services in Brisbane. Queensland is our home; we’re neighbors, as committed to the future as you are, and would love to talk – and meet you. We don’t take your data online and stuff you into a box that doesn’t fit. Instead, as your IT partner, we’ll earn your confidence, your trust and your business.

We look at the Big Picture – one business at a time.

We do it with common sense solutions for every size business that vary depending on your need, not our convenience or preferences. We’ll get to know both you and your business with an IT Audit delivering invaluable information and two promises:

  • Count on the truth as we see it, not what you want to hear.
  • We’ll recommend what you need, not what we’re selling.

We encourage you to review our diverse services, but hope you’ll first consider what follows. It’s the thinking behind why we do what we do it the way we do it. IT Support from Universal Data is more than selling hardware and software, it’s leveraging technology enabling you to do more at lower cost, safely and securely; managing risk, unleashing potential and transforming technology from an IT black hole and ongoing headache into a sustainable business asset.

Beginning by looking at IT through your eyes to craft a practical, holistic, managed IT strategy. It’s about your business and our commitment to support what you do, 24/7/365.

We understand you see IT as a blessing and a curse.

Our love-hate relationship with IT is easy to explain: We want it to work but dread that it won’t.

Businesses scrambling to keep-up with an often over-matched in-house staff are living with the fear of what if? That leads to sleepless nights and a distracted focus.

There’s a better way. You do what you do best, concentrating on what only you can do, but without worrying about technology; that’s our job. Think of it as specialisation for the right reasons: We ensure you’re running at optimum efficiency, updated, protected and secure, while you no longer wage the daily battle with your technology. Instead, we put it to work for you.

Break/Fix is a broken model – managed care is a shrewd investment.

Many businesses choose to roll the dice and live dangerously. When IT problems strike, they rush to get them fixed. Look beyond the initial panic to the aggregate cost of time, money, stress, potential lost customers, and worst all, the truly scary question:

If we lose our data are we out of business?

If the devil is in the details, the details are in the data. Lose the data and real trouble and real expense follow, and when it does you’re fighting for your business life. Inventing a response and recovery strategy on the fly can have deadly consequences.

Cynics often liken Managed IT services to buying insurance, a hedge against disaster. Ironically, it’s very different. Like insurance, Managed IT services do protect against the unforeseen but unlike insurance it doesn’t stop by restoring you to where you were. The objective is to prevent most problems before they occur and ensure rapid recovery when they’re unavoidable, while also improving productivity and lowering costs with ongoing updates, enhancements and monitoring.

The most critical difference is that managed care is a business investment that pays you back.

The right IT strategy isn’t mystical, magical or like writing a blank check. It’s thoughtful and professional; managed and monitored, and turns an expense into an investment in your future that pays you back with increased productivity, reduced operational costs, and peace-of-mind that translates into a better night’s sleep free from worrying about what if?

A Free Audit takes your IT temperature and business pulse.

You’ll get an unbiased assessment and honest recommendations without obligation or risk.

We bring a holistic business perspective to IT. It’s more than servers and cables and high-speed fiber optics, it’s your people and processes, your management and organisational culture, your dreams, opportunities and the vision that fuels them.

As your trusted IT partner, we’re committed to understanding you and your business, and growing together, confidently and successfully.

At Universal Data we believe every business, from the smallest to the largest, should have enterprise grade protection and professional IT services.

Count on the expertise you need, without the hard sell that you don’t, from an IT partner that truly gets it.

You and your business deserve nothing less. We hope to hear from you.