Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing

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Universal Data's Video Conferencing is ideal for All organisations that want to quickly and easily interact with staff and customers in a variety of methods (face-to-face, voice, resource collaboration) and in varying situations (one-on-one, groups, conferences and training broadcasts).

Video Conferencing

Technology has taken great leaps forward in the past decade. Distance is no longer a restraint on the ability to quickly and seamlessly trade and interact. Traditionally, business employees have lost so much time and productivity through the need to travel to meetings, conferences and branch locations.

Universal Data can make significant impacts on organisational time management and resource utilisation by implementing state-of-the-art video conferencing solutions.

Agreed, sometimes direct face-to-face contact is essential, but the majority of corporate interaction can be adequately accommodated for using the latest in remote communication platforms. With real time performance, high definition quality, and easy to use systems, video conferencing represents an honest solution to eliminating unnecessary travel expenditure, lost time and productivity.

And, in addition to the immediate internal cost and time saving, a fully managed video conferencing platform can greatly improve your organisation’s market reach by:

  • Allowing you to operate in remote and global markets
  • Improving customer relations by informal, frequent video conferencing
  • Delivering video-based support and training to customers, distributors and staff

Some of our key connectivity solutions include:

  • Fully managed video conferencing and collaboration platforms
  • Provision and installation of video conferencing facilities
  • In-house webinar broadcasting facilities
  • Recorded video and webinar streaming and hosting
  • Integration with third party communication applications