Virtual CIO

Virtual CIO

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Universal Data's Virtual CIO support is ideal for Small to Medium Enterprises (10-1000 users) looking for professional guidance and support around the integration and ongoing management of technology within their organisation but can’t justify the expense of a dedicated CIO.

Having IT support is one thing, but having IT direction is a completely different undertaking all together.

Virtual CIO

Almost all businesses have an IT expert; either on staff or that they can call in as needed. But it’s generally only large organisations that have dedicated CIOs (Chief Information Officers) or CTOs (Chief Technical Officers) who oversee and plan the management, strategy and architecture of the entire organisation’s IT Infrastructure. Having this level of expertise and knowledge is paramount to managing this virtual component of business operation and success.

This is why we provide a true Virtual CIO service. It is the core of our partnering relationship that we provide for all of our clients. Most small to medium business can’t afford or even justify a full time CIO, but forgoing that knowledge and direction can really put your business behind your competitors.

Our Virtual CIO offering is provided to all of our clients and it is based on an understanding of:

  • Your core business operations
  • How you currently deliver your products and/or services
  • Your future growth objectives and current pain points
  • Your staff and client needs and requirements
  • Your financial restraints and goals
  • Your available resources
  • Your customers and their expectations

The objective of this service is to provide you advice and expertise around:

  • Financial and managerial reporting to the management and board level regarding IT infrastructure decisions
  • Improving performance to spend ratios on technology deployments
  • Movement to periodic expense models as opposed to capital based infrastructure
  • Guidance with implementation, IT planning and infrastructure roll outs
  • Improvements in support for existing IT support staff and organisational users
  • Improved leverage on new technologies and their implementations

Our objective is not to replace your IT support team. Of course, we can do that if that’s what you’re looking for. But if not, we can add additional levels of business management, guidance and direction specifically to the IT infrastructure arm of your business that it may be missing right now.