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Web & Internet

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Universal Data's Web & Internet Services are ideal for organisations with multiple and complex Internet based services and websites that want to centralise the content service delivery and ongoing management and maintenance.

Web and Internet

Most corporate organisations deeply value their Internet presence – and with good reason. Large financial outlays are made on website development, search optimisation and many other intangible base services.

These websites and public points of presence are essential components of the overall business and ensuring that they are being delivered and managed properly is paramount.

But, so often the focus is on the software component only, which means that your customers can be left without access to vital information and services when the hardware and networking layers fail entirely or significantly enough to drastically reduce user accessibility.

How many times have you been unable to access a service or information from organisations or even government departments?

Universal Data provides a wide range of enterprise grade web server and networking management services that can give your organisation the appropriate level of expandability, flexibility and integrity that will ensure your customers do not suffer from unnecessary disruptions in service delivery.

Some of our fully managed web and Internet services include:

  • Fully managed networking and routing services
  • Domain name and DNS hosting and management
  • Dedicated web server platforms
  • Scalability and load sharing services
  • Automated handoff and resource scalability based on service load
  • Fully redundant, enterprise grade data and networking services
  • User manageable web server control panels
  • High availability backup solutions (down to file level restore)
  • Full server replication services